Reba McEntire Reveals The Anti-Aging Beauty Advice She Doesn’t Follow

Reba McEntire might be best known for her heartfelt music, starring in her own sitcom and decades in the spotlight as a country legend, but there’s another thing you can learn a lot from her: beauty. Last year, the singer launched her own makeup line, Reba Beauty, which features some of her favorite bold colors. At age 61, McEntire is as glam and fearless as ever and nowhere is that more evident than in the confidence she exudes from her beauty looks. We caught up with star to talk music, stardom and of course, her favorite beauty products.

On what it’s like to age in the public eye:

Because I have stayed current in the public eye, I think it’s easier for me.  My fans have seen me age year by year. They’ve seen me on TV with good and bad looks—some funny and some not so funny! Let’s face it, we all age. Because of social media, I think we’re under the microscope more. We’re being compared, analyzed and talked about a lot more than Loretta, Tammy and Patsy ever were. They talk about our fashion, skin care and make up techniques way more than they ever did 20 or 30 years ago. Back then, you only saw that in glamour photo shoot books. And that was only a very glamorous, silky photo!

On how country music has changed:

The country music industry goes through cycles, back and forth between male dominated to female dominated. Along with that, styles have changed. The subject matter is still about sex but in a different setting. The technology is different—more sophisticated, more advanced. But, there is still the contemporary side of country along with the more traditional side of country music. That’s stayed the same.

What influences her beauty: 

Hanging out with talented hair and make up artists changed my outlook. I wanted to look better. Mama didn’t have time to teach us girls anything about hair and make up. She was busy putting food on the table. But Mama did introduce me to Merle Norman in High School—one of the greatest things she did for me! I remember Mama taking her make up off with Ponds Cold Cream when I was a kid. I can still smell that. Brett Freedman and Neil Robison teach me something every time I set down in their make up chair.

What works and doesn’t work for her as a redhead:

I have to stay away from some colors because they wash me out. I’ve found that jewel tones really flatter my hair color and light skin tone. As for beauty trends, I’ve done them all! Bright cheek colors, heavy contouring, big hair jacked up to Jesus—you name it, I’ve done it. 

In the mid 90s, I chopped off of my hair right before we released the “What If It’s You” album. That album was really happy and upbeat, which was a reflection of how I felt at the time with a new sassy, spunky short haircut after having long hair for years.

What makes her feel uber confident on stage:

More makeup!! More is more! Makeup gives me confidence. Especially when it makes me look better. Without makeup, you can’t see my eyes. Makeup brings them out.

The anti-aging beauty advice she doesn’t always listen to:

I like a darker lip. My makeup artist said it would be best to lighten up the color on my lips and add shine. Evidently, a softer lip looks less harsh and keeps the attention on the eyes. I’ve taken his advice and I like the subtler look. But I sometimes sneak in a darker lip in the evening.

The products she swears by:

I’m not a fan of powder, it makes my skin too dry. I’ve started using matte foundations so I won’t need to de-shine with powder. 

I like my brows to stand out so I use Brett Brow powder in Redhead. Brett created this ginger-y shade just for me, so I love it! I use a nude lip liner to define my lip, then fill in the entire lip. I add a tinted gloss on top to tone them. Rimmel’s Tiramisu is my favorite. “

For skincare, I love Noevir skin products.  I’ve been using them for years.

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