Groundbreaking Method Bypasses Animal Testing, Revolutionizes Pharmaceutical and Beauty Industry

McGraw turned to her husband throughout the two-and-a-half year product development process which does not use animal testing to make sure they were just right – for everyone! “It’s kind of funny because Phillip calls [himself a] guinea pig,” McGraw laughed. “I would try something on him because this is not really just for women. Men can use it too.” The 61-year-old TV personality launched a skincare line for every woman’s needs – and even turned to her husband Dr. Phil to make sure they were spot-on

If there’s one thing bestselling author and TV personality Robin McGraw knows plenty about, it’s taking care of her skin. And unlike many women, who don’t start a regimented routine until they hit their 20s or 30s, McGraw started focusing on her complexion in her early teens.

“When I was probably 10 years old, I got sunburned really bad,” the 62-year-old philanthropist, television personality and wife of Dr. Phil McGraw, told PeopleStyle. “I have fair skin, freckles and red hair. I grew up in Oklahoma and Texas, so the sun’s really harsh. I knew far back then I was going to be very careful with my skin.”

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the self-proclaimed “research queen” and skincare lover would eventually come out with her own luxury skincare line, Robin McGraw Revelation, which she just launched with close friend and Los Angeles dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu. “I get thousands of letters every day from women all over the country — I call ’em my girlfriends I’ve never actually met — and always get asked about aging skin, problematic skin and more,” McGraw said. “I pooled all of those questions and thought, ‘What can we do to help as many women as possible?’ And that’s what we did here.”

The line features a range of 14 products with the idea to make quality skincare affordable and accessible to every woman, something that was very important to McGraw and Wu. “I read the statistic that said fewer than 10 percent of women have access to a skincare professional like a dermatologist or aesthetician,” Wu shared. “We thought, ‘Let’s create products that are the same high level I recommend to my patients in my office.’”

And although Dr. Phil’s known for being the one to give health advice on The Dr. Phil Show, when it comes to skin, Robin teaches him everything he needs to know.

“I will say, ‘Hun, you need to put this on! You need to put this on.’ And he will do whatever I say because he trusts me. He totally relies on me to tell him what to do,” she said.

The number one product in the collection that McGraw can’t stop talking about is the Twinkle Twinkle, You’re A Star! Triple Action Brightening Polish, which she “insisted” they create. “I could not live without the scrub. It’s essential. I do my own makeup and wear a lot of makeup, so I know how much is on my face,” she said. “When I get home I really want to cleanse my face and make sure I get it off!”

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